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The following tutorials will be offered on Sunday, October 1st:

Morning Session:

  1. High Power Medium Frequency Transformer Design Optimization
  2. Model Predictive Control of High Power Converters and Industrial Drives
  3. Modeling and Energy Management of Modern Shipboard Power Systems
  4. DC Arc Fault Detection and Protection in DC Electric Power Systems
  5. Practical Considerations for the Application of High Power Si and SiC Modules
  6. Isolated Bi-directional DC/DC Converter Topologies and Control

Afternoon Session:

  1. Using Soft-Switching Technology to Design High-Power, High-Current, Isolated, DC/DC Converters that Achieve Low-Cost, High Reliability, and Electromagnetic Compliance.
  2. SiC Power Device Design and Fabrication, and Insertion in Novel MV Power Conversion Systems
  3. Withdrawn, Electric Energy Storage Systems and Energy Management Solutions for Future Electric Transportation and Mobility
  4. Electrical Machine Analysis using Free Software
  5. EMI Issues and Solutions in PWM Converters
  6. Wireless Power Transfer for Electric Vehicle and Mobile Applications