Full tutorial abstracts and presenter bios available here

Each morning/afternoon tutorial is 4 hours in length, except those noted (1/2) which are 2 hours long.

The following tutorials will be offered on Sunday, Sept. 23:

Morning Session:

  1. High Power/Voltage Power Converters and Applications – Opportunities and Challenges offered by HV SiC power devices
  2. The Smart Transformer: Impact on the Electric Grid and Technology Challenges
  3. Hybrid AC/DC Microgrids: Configuration, Power Management and Converter Control
  4. High Voltage Rotating Machines-Design and Diagnostics
  5. Control for Grid-Friendly Power Converter Systems
  6. Photo-Electro-Thermal-Theory for LED Systems and its Applications
  7. Power Converters for Energy Storage Applications – Analysis and Design from Theory to Practice
  8. Optimization Techniques for Solar Power Plants
  9. Predictive Control – A Simple and Powerful Method of Control Power Converters and Drives
  10. (1/2) Permanent Magnet Fundamentals
    (1/2) Sequence Impedance Modeling and Analysis of Wind and PV Inverters Considering Coupling over Frequency

Afternoon Session:

  1. Application of Silicon-Carbide (SiC) Power Devices and Converters: Opportunities, Challenges and Potential Solutions
  2. Harmonic Modeling and Stability of Power Electronic Based Power Systems
  3. Electrical Drives Measurements and Testing: Past, Present, and Future
  4. Condition Monitoring, Diagnostics and PHM of Electric Machine and Drive Systems
  5. Power Electronics Enabled Technologies in Power Systems Connecting Utilities and Customers
  6. Advanced Digital Current Regulation Strategies for Grid Connected Inverters
  7. Modeling and System Design of Solid-State Lighting Drivers
  8. Battery Management Systems for Lithium-ion Batteries
  9. Interpretation of IEEE 519-2014 for Industrial and Commercial Applications
  10. (1/2) Design, Modelling and Control of Linear Induction Motors (LIM) for Industrial Applications
    (1/2) Lose Your Bearings: An Introduction to Magnetically Suspended Shafts