Women in Engineering

  • ECCE 2018 Women’s Event  –  TBD
    All women in engineering attending ECCE 2018 are invited to get together during the conference to network, start technical collaborations, get involved in ECCE and learn more about the ECCE organization.
    During the meeting the winners of the best paper awards authored by women will be announced! Women as first authors will have priority in the selection.
  • Travel Grant Program

    Travel grants will be available for professional women in engineering and students who are not co-authoring a paper to attend ECCE 2018.  The amount of the grants will depend on the travel distance. The form to submit your application will be available in May 2018.  Stay tuned!
    Last year 21 women were awarded travel grants to attend ECCE2017.
    Note: this grant is not for students who are co-authors of papers. Click here (make it a link) for the student travel grant program.
  • PELS Women in Engineering Breakfast  – Wednesday
    There is no cost to attend this breakfast, walk-ins are welcome, RSVP is encouraged: Sign up to be posted
  • Family Room during the Conference
    The ECCE Family Room will be available for the duration of the conference to allow conference attendees to bring their children without stress!

Email: ecce.travel.grant.wie@gmail.com