We offer industry-driven sessions presented by our exhibitors to showcase their innovative products and services. Details below.

ECCE Products and Services Sessions:
Monday, September 30, 5:00 – 5:30 PM: HBM Test and Measurement
Monday, September 30, 5:40 – 6:10 PM : 5S Components Inc. 
Tuesday, October 1, 11:00 – 11:30 AM: Power Secure
Tuesday, October 1, 11:40 AM– 12:10 PM: Altair


5S Components Inc. 
Wim van Dijk, Sales engineer Danotherm Electric A/S in Denmark

Session: Selecting Your Power Resistor for Best Reliability and Cost
In power electronics there are many applications were resistors are used. In inverters, for charging and discharging capacitor banks, in filters, as snubbers, in drive systems as brake resistor and in wind turbines as energy dump resistors.
With a dynamic power load we need to observe the resistor as a dynamic component. Energy that is generated in the resistor must be expelled to the outside. The ability to do this lies within the properties of the resistor itself.
From physics we can build a thermal model. Once the thermal model is established, it is easy to do a simulation and find the internal temperatures and check if the resistor is up to the job.


HBM Test and Measurement
Krista Tweed, Applications Engineer

Session: Accelerate Motor Testing and Development Up To 100X
Characterizing electric motors and drives, especially for electric and hybrid vehicles is a very important topic in many engineering labs worldwide. Every lab has unique interests to test and validate products using multiple pieces of measurement equipment from different suppliers. While these systems work, they often have high levels of complexity and operate much slower than an optimized system. This presentation proposes a solution specifically designed for motor and drive testing. The solution consolidates many systems into one, allowing for rapid efficiency motor mapping and custom advanced real-time analysis significantly boosting productivity, capability and research and development results.


Power Secure
Kyle Butler, VP Horizontal Markets

Session: PowerSecure — Ultra-Clean Tier 4 Final Diesel PowerBlocks – Reliability through Modularity
When it comes to microgrids, reliability is key. PowerSecure’s modular PowerBlock generation design utilizes modularity to not only increase system reliability, but limit the impact of any component failure. The foundation of the PowerBlock is an ultra-clean, Tier 4 Final diesel engine that is robust and time-tested, and meets federal EPA and most local jurisdiction requirements for air permitting. Diesel is no longer a “dirty” word, and new advances in emissions controls utilized in the PowerBlock are changing the microgrid and backup generation landscapes.


Dr. Vincent Leconte, Director of Business Development – EM Solutions

Session: Seamless multiphysics optimization of motors
In the electrification of mobility applications, the design of motors presents many challenges. The designer faces multiple constraints on weight, compactness, cost, efficiency and temperature rise. The efficiency of the motor impacts directly the autonomy of the vehicle. In a race to sustainability, designers need innovative methodologies and fast tools to meet the many requirements of electric mobility. The efficiency must be optimized over the full operation cycles of motors, considering the harmonic rich currents supplied to the motors. Today, such optimization can be achieved using new dedicated and fast analysis tools. Discover the optimization workflow an a full example.