Testing in the EV World – Simulators, Emulator, Dyno based and Vehicle level testing – Technologies, Trends, and Thoughts

Organizers: Uday Deshpande, Brij N. Singh


The large-scale proliferation of EVs requires prompt yet thorough verification of electric drives (eDrives) prior to their commissioning at system level. A highly integrated test platform for the eDrive systems is required to prove system functionality under operating conditions and assessment of performance within design constraints. For example, eDrive system’s performance must be assessed for all sub-components from the battery to the wheel prior to its deployment in the EV. The interdependency between components, modules and subsystems necessitate that test platforms and test approaches follow systems engineering practices. The eDrive system development cycle can be accelerated by effectively utilizing virtual testing platforms followed by the Power Hardware-in-the-loop (pHiL) simulation prior to the minimal in-lab design verification at maximum loads under real world ambient conditions. In the presentations and discussions carried out in this special session, the speakers will share their experiences gained from eDrive system design, development, and commissioning. It will be emphasized that design revisions could be avoided if data collected from the virtual and pHiL test test-ups are appropriately used by the design engineering in best practices such as data driven design engineering processes.

Short Bio of Organizers:

Dr. Uday Deshpande is currently CTO of D&V Electronics, a maker of special test equipment used in automotive, military and defense applications for testing electrical systems and EV components. In the past Uday has led global electrical systems and vehicle electronics teams for CNH Industrial, Ingersoll Rand and others, where he led electrification and autonomy projects as part of his portfolio. He has several patents and publications to his name and is a senior member of IEEE.



Dr. Brij N. Singh is a senior staff engineer in John Deere Inc., USA and leading the US Department of Energy – PowerAmerica (DOEPowerAmerica) funded project to develop a 200 kW SiC inverter for heavy-duty vehicle applications. Brij has earned Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi, India, in 1996. In 1996, Brij joined the École de Technology Supérieure, Université du Québec, Montreal, QC, Canada, as a Post-Doctoral Fellow. In 1999, Brij joined Concordia University, Montreal, QC, Canada as a Research Fellow. In 2000, Brij joined the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana, as an Assistant Professor. In 2007, Brij joined John Deere in Fargo, North Dakota as a power electronics staff engineer. In Tulane, Brij received numerous teaching awards for outstanding instructions in electrical engineering. In John Deere, Brij received numerous awards for product and technology innovations and team collaboration activities. Brij has published over 90 research papers in various Journals including IEEE Transactions and IET Journals. Brij has 26 US patents, one trade secret, and numerous pending patents. Brij is a senior member of the IEEE.

 Speakers and presentations:

  1. Amitkumar K.S., Opal-RT Technologies
    Real-time simulators – focus on electric motor models
  1. Uday Deshpande, Bill Peterson, D&V Electronics
    Rapid development of electrification programs with emulator(pHIL) based testing
  1. Saeid Habibi, McMaster University
    Battery testing and Characterization
  1. Brij N. Singh, John Deere
    Laboratory Testing and Emulation of Power Inverters for Heavy-Duty Vehicles