Adoption and Use of Standards in the Industrial Drives and in the Renewable Energy Grid Integration  

Organizers: Joe Pavia, Kevin Lee, Eaton

The rise of intermittent solar gives rise to the string inverters, which provides grid management benefits.  String inverters are already dominant in many global markets and the use of string inverters in large-scale U.S. projects is expected to quadruple by 2025.  At Eaton, we know space is always at a premium, time is limited and cost matters. For example, Eaton offers space-saving AC solar recombiner integrates circuit breakers or fuse protection and a disconnect all within one enclosure designed for solar PV string inverters.

Short Bio of Organizers:
Joe Pavia is a Field Application Engineer with Eaton’s Bussmann Business. He has nearly 30 years with Bussmann series solutions, specializing in training on the design and application of overcurrent protective devices and equipment in electrical distribution systems in accordance with the National Electrical Code® and equipment in accordance with the various product standards. He is a register Professional Engineer for several States, serves on UL508C / UL61800-5-1 STP, and on NEC CMP-11. He also is an active member in IEEE, IAEI, and NFPA organizations.


Kevin Lee is Chief Engineer in Eaton Industrial Control Division, responsible for technology and product development in the fields of power quality, energy efficiency, adjustable speed drives, and control systems. Dr. Lee is a graduate from WEMPEC, University of Wisconsin – Madison, a Registered Professional Engineer in the State of Wisconsin, and a certified Design for Six Sigma Black Belt. He currently serves as Secretary and the Standards subcommittee Chair at IEEE IAS Industrial Drives Committee.


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