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WiE Attendance Grant Program

An attendance reimbursement program has been established for participants who wish to attend the IEEE Energy Conversion Congress & Expo (ECCE) 2021 which will be held in Vancouver, BC, Canada Oct. 10 – Oct 14 2021. This program, funded by the ECCE2021 Organizing Committee, will reimburse part of the registration expenses ($200 or $400 each) associated with the conference. The amount reimbursed depends on the registration type. To be eligible for this program, the applicant must

(1) Be a member of IEEE

(2) Be available to attend the Women in Engineering (WiE) Event at the conference.

Please note that recipients cannot receive other grants to attend ECCE 2021. Women will be given priority. Students are encouraged to apply for the ECCE 2021 student  attendance grants. More information can be found here.

Interested applicants should complete the application form by June 15, 2021 with a valid proof of IEEE membership. E-mail notifications of attendance awards will be sent by July 15, 2021. A check of $200 or $400 will be issued to the awardees during the conference with W-9 (US citizens or permanent residents) or W-8 (non-US residents) tax form submission. We look forward to meeting (in-person or virtually) you at ECCE 2021!

Submit Application Here

The ECCE2021 WiE Attendance Grant Committee
Email: ecce.attendance.grant.wie@gmail.com

WiE Special Session Announcement

Please stay tuned on this website to check for updates about WiE Special Session.

PELS Women in Engineering Breakfast – Wednesday

There is no cost to attend this breakfast, walk-ins are welcome, RSVP is encouraged: Sign up to be posted.

Monday Night Event

There is no cost to attend this event, walk-ins are welcome, RSVP is encouraged: Sign up to be posted.

IEEE-ECCE 2021 Sponsors