Presentation format notifications:

Emails went out on July 30th, 2022 to Authors on the presentation format (oral, poster). Please check your Junk folders if you have not received the email.

Presentation format notifications:

“Emails went out on July 30th, 2022 to Authors on the presentation format (oral, poster). Please check your Junk folders if you have not received the email.”

Important instructions for the authors that decided to include their papers in the remote program

The ECCE 2022 remote program consists of Q/A zoom live sessions (namely ‘Special Tracks’ in the technical program) scheduled from October 17th to October 19th , as shown at All authors have to submit their presentation video no later than August 15th. During the live Zoom session there will NOT be any 15-20 minute presentation of the paper.

During the Q/A Zoom sessions the authors will have up to 5 minutes to introduce themselves, the paper topic and to answer the questions posted in the chat by the attendees and read to the audience by the session chairs.

Please note that the authors that selected the remote program can re-register for in-person updating the original remote registration form no later than September 15th 2022 and attend the conference in Detroit, if their circumstance changes (e.g. relaxed pandemic restrictions, networking needs, meet friends, etc). In this case, you cannot obviously present the paper in presence, as the remote papers are not scheduled for presentation in Detroit.

Finally, as the video of all the papers will be posted online some days before the conference days, attendees/authors that will not attend in person are invited to submit their questions to the authors that will present in Detroit, through the chat function on the Virtual Platform. The session chairs will check the chat before the oral and poster sessions and they will report the questions to the authors and attendees in the rooms, inviting the authors to write the answers in the chat too.

Preparing a Pre-recorded video

Please prepare and submit your video file NO LATER THAN by August 15, 2022

The presentation slides used for the video preparation MUST NOT BE submitted in the virtual platform, but they can be obviously used in Detroit for authors that will attend in-person to the conference. Please use the following Oral Presentation Template: ECCE2022_Presentation Template

The presenter of the video MUST be a co-author of the paper.

There are several free online tools available to create audio/video presentations. Please see the options below and feel free to choose the option that best suits your convenience. We recommend using Microsoft PowerPoint.

Create Voice Over PowerPoint (Recommended): and convert to MP4
WebEx: Video Conferencing – Record a Cisco Webex Meeting
Skype: Skype for Business: Recording a Meeting | Information Technology Services | Bemidji State University
Google Meet: Record a video meeting – Meet Help
Zoom: Local Recording – Zoom Help Center
Gotomeeting: How to Record a GoToMeeting Session | Techwalla and How to Convert and Open the GoToMeeting Recordings
Microsoft Teams: Record a meeting in Teams – Office Support

Tips for making pre-recordings:

  • Use as quiet an area as possible
  • Avoid areas that have echo
    1. Rooms should be fairly small
    2. Sound dampening with carpeting, curtains, furniture
  • Good headset with microphone close to mouth BUT away from direct line of mouth to reduce “pops”. Avoid using default built-in microphone on computer.
  • Do a test recording of a couple of minutes and review the sound and picture quality, MP4 format, and bit rate before recording the entire presentation. Make adjustments if needed.

Please be informed that the preferred format of the presentation file is MP4 format. Other formats allowed are MOV, FLV, and WMV. The total file size shall not exceed over 500 MBs. Please use the following naming convention: Paper_ID.mp4, where Paper_ID is your paper ID

  • For oral presentations, the recording length shall not exceed 20 minutes. We recommend to have have a total number of slides less than 25. Feel free to show face over camera when making the recording.
  • Please follow the standards and templates (for .PPT, .PPTX) from ECCE 2022 website:
Format PPT / PPTX
16×9 (widescreen) 16×9 aspect ratio

Please prepare and submit your video file by August 15, 2022



AUTHORS OF ALL ACCEPTED PAPERS MUST SUBMIT whatever the presentation format (Oral or Poster), and even if you plan attending in-person a 15-20 minutes video presentation before August 15th.

The presenter of the video MUST be a co-author of the paper, but no necessarily the same co-author that will present in-person the paper in Detroit if you planned for the in-person participation.

Considering the large number of videos to be uploaded on the virtual platform, please note that August 15 is a firm deadline. The organizers really appreciate your kind understanding and contribution to the success of this important step. Please submit your videos as soon as possible and well in advance of the deadline!

Author Instructions

Digests rejection/acceptance notification is scheduled for May 1, 2022. This is the information you will need to submit your final paper. Additional instructions will be included in a separate email(s).

Paper, poster and presentation templates:

  • Papers submitted to ECCE 2022 should follow the IEEE conference paper template. Note that the maximum number of pages is 8. Papers exceeding 8 pages will be returned.
  • Poster presentation template
    • Note, the board size for posters is (8’ (w) x 4’ (h))
  • Oral presentation template

Instructions for Authors to Create a PDF File for Final Submission:

Step 1: Before Creating Your PDF File

  • Use the IEEE templates (MS Word or LATEX) to create your source document. These templates can be downloaded from the following website: conference-template-letter_No_Copyright_Info
  • Please Note: Do NOT add the copyright notice (i.e., XXX-X-XXXX-XXXX-X/XX/$XX.00 ©20XX IEEE) to the bottom of the first page of your source document. Proofread your source document thoroughly to confirm that it will require no revision.

Step 2: Create your PDF eXpress Account

  • Log in to the IEEE PDF eXpress site.
    • First-time users should do the following:
      • Select the New Users – Click Here link.
      • Enter the following:
        · 50734X for the Conference ID
        · your email address
        · a password
      • Continue to enter information as prompted. An Online confirmation will be displayed and an email confirmation will be sent verifying your account setup.
        Previous users of PDF eXpress or IEEE PDF eXpress Plus need to follow the above steps, but should enter the same password that was used for previous conferences. Verify that your contact information is valid.
  • Upload your file, convert it, and check the status of conversion. Once the conversion is complete, a report will be generated for the file conversion. Check whether conversion was successful, or some changes are needed.

Contacting PDF eXpress Support

Access the Publications Support Center for IEEE PDF eXpress.

If you do not find an answer in the Find Answers tab, go to the “Ask A Question” tab.

Step 3: Paper Upload

After careful verification of your PDF, upload your final paper using the link and the code that were sent you in the acceptance e-mail. Please note that this code is valid for a SINGLE submission of your final paper ONLY. You will also need to include your registration number which you will receive after registering for the conference

Step 4: Copyright Form

In order to be published in the conference proceedings, all accepted papers MUST be accompanied by a signed IEEE Copyright Form. Don’t forget to click on the “Continue to copyright form submission button” after uploading your paper

Please visit for more information or contact the ECCE 2022 Technical Program Chairs at

Information can be found in the Call for Papers at this link

Digest Submission:
Prospective authors are requested to submit a single-column, 1.5 line-spaced digest no longer than five (5) pages summarizing the proposed paper. The digest should include key equations, figures, tables, and references as appropriate, but no author names or affiliations. Digests not conforming to these requirements will be rejected without review. The digests must clearly state the objectives of the work, its significance in advancing the state of the art, and the methods and specific results in sufficient detail. All digests will go through a double-blind peer-review process to ensure a confidential and fair review. The papers presented at the conference will be included in the IEEE Xplore Digital Library. Please refer to the conference website for a detailed list of technical topics and the digest submission method.

Local Printing

Printing facilities are available at the local UPS store 0.6 miles from the Huntington Place. Please note, they require a 3-5 day lead time to print the poster. They CAN NOT print on site. For last minute errors or re-prints, it is recommended to locate a Staples in the area that may be able to print a poster size document.

For advance requests for printing, contact the local UPS Store here:
(313) 963-7068
Address: 535 Griswold St, Unit 111, Detroit, MI 48226
Authors need to attach artwork and include dimensions in the email description. Include what type of paper what you want it printed on – Semi-gloss or matte paper – $6/square ft.