Career Fair for Students @ ECCE

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ECCE 2022 is excited to launch our first-ever career fair. Hosted at The Huntington Place in Exhibit Hall E on Tuesday, October 11, 8:30AM-10:30AM. Attendance is free and open only to students.

How to Prepare:

•Bring multiple copies of your updated Resume printed.
•Make your online presence. Ex. LinkedIn, Google Scholar, Website.
•Research companies of interest.
•Be ready to speak about your research and ask questions.
•Dress to impress…, Professionally that is.
•Arrive early. There may be a line!
•Grow your network.

What to Expect

•A short conversation with a technical recruiter or hiring manager.
•Longer interview with an engineer with technical questions.
•A discussion with human resources personnel.
•Possible extension of a job offer! (if not follow up)