Hello Parents!

KiddieCorp is pleased to provide a children’s program during ECCE 2023. KiddieCorp is in its thirty-seventh year of providing high-quality children’s programs and youth services to conventions, trade shows, and events. We take caring for your children very seriously. KiddieCorp has enjoyed a long-time partnership with the American Academy of Pediatrics, which has helped establish KiddieCorp as a premier event children’s program services provider.

Activities include exciting themes, arts & crafts, group games, music & movement, board games, story time, dramatic play, etc. We provide activities appropriate for each age group, using safe and sturdy equipment. Children can make their own choices within KiddieCorp’s program.

Our goal is to provide your children with a comfortable, safe, and happy experience. Our staff-to-child ratios are high to ensure that every child feels special (1:1 for children ages eight weeks through five months old; 1:2 for children ages six months through 11 months old; 1:3 for children ages 1 through 2 years old; 1:5 for children ages 3 through 5 years old; 1:7 for children ages 6 through 12 years old). KiddieCorp team members are selected according to integrity, experience, education, and enthusiasm. They must be wonderful with kids! In addition to our selective and competitive hiring process, KiddieCorp remains at the top of the industry by carrying ample liability insurance.

The program is for children ages eight weeks through 12 years old. The dates for the program are October 29-Nov 2, 2023, and will be located at the Music City Center, Nashville, TN. Please note: Medication (including sunscreen) will NOT be administered by KiddieCorp management or staff.


8$/Per Child/Per Hour


KiddieCorp staff does not administer medication. To ensure a safe and fun-filled environment, any child who is ill will not be admitted to the children’s program. Please label your child’s belongings. We will maintain a lost and found, however, KiddieCorp does not accept responsibility for the loss or theft of any toy, book, or other personal items. For parents with infants, please bring diaper changing supplies, formula/baby food, and a change of clothes.

KiddieCorp is always available to answer any questions. Feel free to contact KiddieCorp by phone at (858) 455-1718 or by e-mail at amber@kiddiecorp.com.

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