Symbols in the schedule table:

T – Tutorial
S – Oral Session
P – Digital poster session
SS – Special Session

Plenary sessions:

ECCE2020 features four plenary talks on the challenges in the energy conversion industry. The plenary
session will be live through ON24 in Monday (Oct 12) morning, following the ECCE opening ceremony.


There are 15 tutorials in ECCE2020. All tutorials are video on demand for over a month. To provide
opportunities for interaction with the tutorial instructors, a 25-min live “meet the instructor” session for each
tutorial is also created. To follow the tradition of ECCE, those live tutorial “meet the instructor” sessions are
schedule on Sunday Oct 11. For those watch the tutorial videos in advance, those “meet the instructor”
session can be a Q&A sessions for you. If you do not have a chance to watch the tutorial videos yet, those live
sessions would be a great opportunity to learn more about the tutorials before you watch the videos at your
own flexibility.

Technical paper sessions:

ECCE2020 has 62 Oral Sessions and 36 digital poster sessions, All these sessions have on demand videos of
the presentations that are available to watch for over a month. To create opportunities for interaction
between the authors and ECCE attendees, we have created an interactive live “meet the authors” component
for each oral and poster session during the conference week (Oct 11-15).

Special sessions:

ECCE 2020 features 20 live or simu-live special sessions throughout the week of Oct 11-15, 2020.

The following schedule time zone is (UTC -04:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)

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