Prof. Tom Lipo Memorial Session A & B

In Memoriam Prof. Tom Lipo.
Organizer: Thomas M. Jahns and Bulent Sarlioglu

 Session A: Monday, October 12 | 11:00AM – 12:40PM

  1. In Memoriam Prof. Tom Lipo – Part 1
    Thomas M. Jahns and Bulent Sarlioglu  
  1. Designing a Magnetic Gear for an Aircraft Drivetrain
    Ho Yin (David) Wong, Hossein Baninajar, Bertrand Dechant, and Jonathan Bird 
  1. Methods to Determine the Stator Inter-turn Short Circuit in an Induction Motor with Installed Rotor
    Dimas Anton Asfani, I Made Yulistya Negara, I G N Satriyadi Hernanda, Daniar Fahmi, and Eduard Muljadi 
  1. Investigation of Asymmetric Consequent-Pole Hybrid Excited Flux Reversal Machines
    Fangrui Wei and Zi-Qiang Zhu  
  1. Comparative Study of Optimally Designed Coreless Axial Flux PM Machines with Litz Wire and with PCB Stator Windings
    Narges Taran, Murat G. Kesgin, Peng Han, and Dan M. Ionel


 Session B: Tuesday, October 13 | 9:00AM – 10:40AM

  1. In Memoriam Prof. Tom Lipo – Part 2
    Thomas M. Jahns and Bulent Sarlioglu  
  1. Evaluation of Current Distortion Improvement in an Asymmetrical Six-Phase Drive by Using SiC MOSFETs With Reduced Dead Time
    Ajay Morya, Alejandro G. Yepes, Jesus Doval-Gandoy, and Hamid Toliyat 
  1. Comparison of Overload Performance of Surface and Interior Permanent Magnet and Synchronous Reluctance Machines for Electric Traction Applications
    Wen Soong, Matteo Carbonieri, Amin Mahmoudi, Solmaz Kahourzade, and Nicola Bianchi
  1. Performance Comparison Between SiC Two-Level and Si Three-Level AFE
    Marzieh Karami, Tallam Ranga, Pagenkopf Kenneth, and Cuzner Robert