All the tutorials will be organized as in-person sessions and no recordings will be provided.

Sunday (Oct. 9th 2022)

T1(AM): Maritime Electrification — State-of-the-Art Hybrid Power Systems for Green Marine Transport

Organizer: Chendan Li, Mehdi Zadeh, Sidun Fang, Daniel Stroe, Ahmed Abdelhakim

T2(AM): Power Semiconductors in Electrified Powertrains – Transitioning from Silicon to Wide Bandgap Devices?

Organizer: Andre Christmann

T3(PM): Practical Application of Silicon Carbide(SiC) in the E-Mobility Ecosystem

Organizer: Anuj Narain, Adam Anders

T4(AM): Circuit Board Layout for Wide Bandgap Power Transistors

Organizer: Eric Persson

T5(AM): Model-Based Control Design and Testing with Embedded Code Generation Using the PLECS Toolchain

Organizer: Beat Arnet

T6(PM): Power Electronics Modeling for Real-Time Simulation

Organizer: Giovanni De Carne, Matthew Milton, Andrea Benigni

T7(PM): Advanced Control of Power Electronics Systems

Organizer: Sudip K. Mazumder, Tobias Geyer, Debanjan Chatterjee

T8(AM): Virtual Synchronous Machines – Inverters for a Stable and Well-damped Grid

Organizer: Radu Bojoi, Fabio Mandrile, George Weiss, Florian Reissner

T9(AM): Electric Propulsion: Challenges and Opportunities

Organizer: Jin Wang, Tom Jahns, Bulent Sarlioglu, Patrick McClusky, John Kizito, Julia Zhang

T10(AM): Solid-State Transformers – Fundamentals, Industrial Applications, Challenges

Organizer: Johann W. Kolar, Jonas Huber

T11(PM): Design and Control of Solid-State DC Transformers for DC Transmission and Distribution Grids

Organizer: Rik W. De Doncker, Jingxin Hu, Shenghui Cui, Subhashish Bhattacharya

T12(PM): Motor drive design and evaluation using multi-domain tool suite for faster development process

Organizer: Albert Dunford

T13(PM): Electric Vehicle Batteries and Charging Systems: A Primer

Organizer: Ashish Arora, Rita Garrido Menacho

T14(AM): Recent Advances on Modular-based Multilevel Voltage-Source Converter (VSC) for MV and HV applications: Principle, Control, and Its competitiveness with MMC

Organizer: Dong Dong, Di Zhang

T15(PM): Best Practices for Low-Power (IoT/IIoT) Designs: Separating the Source-Side & Load-Side Analyses

Organizer: Brian Zahnstecher

T16(PM): Design Strategies for High-Power, High-Current, Isolated DC/DC Converters using Soft-Switching Technology and Silicon Carbide Transistors

Organizer: Mark Scott, Alexander Isurin

T17(PM): Emerging Cybersecurity Challenges in Modern Energy Systems – Assessment and Solutions

Organizer: Subham Sahoo, Yan Li, Charalambos Konstantinou

T18(AM): Advanced power conversion systems for next-generation wireless battery charging

Organizer: Deepak Ronanki, Sheldon Williamson, Mauricio Esguerra

T19(AM): Advanced Magnetic Designs Enabling Electrification of High Power Industrial Systems

Organizer: Paul Ohodnicki, Brandon Grainger, Byron Beddingfield, Subhashish Bhattacharya

T20(PM): Pulse energy modulation v.s. pulse width modulation for single-phase power inverters with power decoupling technologies (Cancelled)

Organizer: Shuang Xu, Meiqin Mao, Liuchen Chang

T21(AM): Extend the lifespan of electric vehicle batteries in their second life for renewable and smart energy grids

Organizer: Chris Mi

T22(PM): The benefits of infrared thermography testing for the thermal management in energy storage and conversion


T23(PM): Factors influencing active torque ripple cancellation in PMSM/IPMSM drives

Organizer: Ramakrishnan Raja

T24(AM): Power HIL: Enabling Flexible and Repeatable Testing of Power Electronics Systems in Close-to-reality Environment

Organizer: Srdjan Srdic, Igor Cvetkovic