The Knoxville Electric Vehicle Association and Drive Electric Tennessee would like to invite attendees of the 2023 ECCE Conference to test drive an EV while at the conference.  There will be a nicely curated selection of some of the latest EV models on the market available for a test drive on Tuesday, Oct. 31st from 10am to 3pm. The EVs will be located at the valet pull-through through which is located directly below HALL B (please see map below) The vehicles are all owned by members or KEVA or Drive Electric Nashville, and attendees will get to drive the vehicles with the owners in the vehicle to answer any questions. The test drive will be a 5-10 minute loop around the convention center and return to the valet pull-through area. Attendees can also inspect and ask questions of the vehicles while they are not on a test drive.

We will also have an XOS Step-Van, a Tennessee-manufactured EV delivery van, on display outside of the valet area (please see map below). Come look it over.

Many engineers have extensively written about electric vehicles, batteries, and controllers, but have you had a chance actually to drive one? Now is your opportunity to get behind the wheel of some of the latest models of electric vehicles.

Please locate the registration table located in the valet area to sign the waivers and receive a colored wristband to indicate to us you have completed the legal waiver.

Oct. 31st 10am-3pm

Requirements for test DRIVE.

  • Have a valid US driver’s license
  • All are welcome to ride as a passenger!

You can go for a ride! If you don’t meet the above requirements, we will happily let you ride along and talk to the owners and have them show you key aspects of their EV.