Closing Tutorials on Thursday afternoon, November 2 are FREE to all ECCE registered conference participants.

Sunday, October 29, Tutorials

  • Sunday morning (8:30 am – 11:50 am with 20 minute break at 10 am – 10:20 am)

3 hour tutorials:

1. Grid forming power converters. Concepts, implementation and analysis
Authors: Pedro Rodriguez, Xiongfei Wang, Rolando Burgos and Heng Wu [Academia]

2. Shallow Neural Networks and Deep Learning Applications in Power Electronics and Electrical Drives
Authors: Giansalvo Cirrincione and Rahul Kumar [Academia]

3. GaN FETs and GaN Integrated Circuits for DCDC and Motor Drives applications
Authors: Marco Palma and Michael de Rooij [Industry]

4. SiC Unleashed: Are SiC technology High Performances Reliable Enough for Your Application?
Authors: Xuning Zhang, Cesare Bocchiola and Zhiyu Shen [Industry]

5. Aviation Class Propulsion Solution: Additively Manufactured Motor Coils, Integrated with Modular Motor Drive & Advanced Cooling
Authors: Nathan Weise, Ayman EL-Refaie, Armin Ebrahimian, Seyed Iman Hosseini Sabzevari, A. Khan Waqar, Sina Vahid, Ali Al-Qarni, Salar Koushan and Chowdhury Towhid [Academia]

6. Integrated motor drives, state of the art, challenges, and emerging technologies
Authors: Lee Empringham, Liliana de Lillo, Xu Deng, Thomas Jahns and Daniel Kernan [Academia]

7. Advances in Wireless Power Technology for Electric Vehicles and Smart Devices (Canceled)
Authors: Chun Rim [Academia]

8. Electromagnetic Compatibility of Switched-Mode Power Supplies
Authors: Guenter Keller [Academia]

9. HVDC Transmission Systems and DC Grids: Developments and Challenges
Authors: Khaled Ahmed [Academia]

  • Sunday morning (8:30 am – 10 am)

1.5-hour tutorial:

10. Gallium Nitride: Device Technologies and Applications
Authors: Davide Bisi [Industry]

  • Sunday morning (10:20 am – 11:50 am)

1.5-hour tutorial:

11. Z-Source DC Solid-State Circuit Breakers
Authors: Fang Peng, Keith Corzine and Jinyeong Moon [Academia]

  • Sunday afternoon (1 pm – 4:20 pm with 20 minute break at 2:30 pm – 2:50 pm)

12. Model Predictive Control: From Theory to Industrial Applications
Authors: Tobias Geyer and Petros Karamanakos [Industry]

13. Power Electronics Intensive Power Systems: Dynamic Modeling and Control, Hardware Testing, and Standardization
Authors: Xiaonan Lu, Wei Du, Mariko Shirazi, Jing Wang and Christopher Rowe [Academia]

14. Artificial Neural Networks for Power Electronics – A Hands-On Approach
Authors: Joao Pinto, Burak Ozpineci and Marcio Kimpara [Government]

15. Design for Reliability: The origin of aging and degradation in advanced power modules and emerging state of health (SOH) estimation techniques
Authors: Douglas DeVoto and Faisal Khan [Government]

16. Cryogenic Power Electronics Design for Electrified Aircraft Propulsion
Authors: Fei (Fred) Wang, Zhang Zheyu, Cheng Ruirui and Dam Shimul [Academia]

17. Reliability Requirements and Qualification of Automotive Power Semiconductors
Authors: Layi Alatise, Jose Ortiz-Gonzalez and Don Gajewski [Academia]

18. Advanced Data-driven and Digital-twin Enabled Power-electronics-intensive Battery Management Systems and Fast Charging
Authors: Sheldon Williamson, Uday Deshpande and Akash Samanta [Academia]

19. Smart Transformer: Achieving High Power Flexibility in Future Electical GridsCancelled
Authors: Giovanni De Carne, Marco Liserre, Marius Langwasser, and Felix Wald [Industry]

20. General Airgap Field Modulation Theory for Electrical Machines and Its Applications in Automotive and Aerospace Industries
Authors: Ming Cheng, Peng Han and Le Sun [Academia]

  • Sunday afternoon (1 pm – 2:30 pm)

1.5-hour tutorials:

21. Wide Bandgap Device based Power Electronics for Aerospace Applications
Authors: Jin Wang [Academia]

  • Sunday afternoon (2:50 pm – 4:20 pm)

1.5-hour tutorials:

22. Understanding of Observed Switching Waveform for High-Speed SiC Devices: From Application Perspectives with Analytical Insights
Authors: Xu She and Zheyu Zhang [Industry]

Thursday, November 2, Tutorials

  • Thursday Afternoon Tutorials – (4 pm – 5:30 pm) (FREE!)

1.5 hour tutorials:

23. Advancements in digital design and manufacture of electric propulsion motors
Authors: Phil Mellor, Nick Simpson, Mircea Popescu, Melanie Michon and Josh Hoole [Academia]

24. New Advances and Trends on Model Predictive Control for Power Electronics and Electrical Drives
Authors: Marco Rivera and Patrick Wheeler [Academia]

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