The IEEE Energy Conversion Congress and Exposition (ECCE) is a premier conference for the exchange of cutting-edge research and developments in the field of energy conversion and power electronics. ECCE was first held in 2009, when it combined the IEEE Power Electronics Society Power Electronics Specialists Conference (PESC) with the IEEE Industry Applications Society Industrial Power Conversion Systems Department of the IEEE IAS Annual Meeting. Today, it brings together researchers, engineers, scientists, and industry professionals to share their latest work in areas such as power electronic systems and devices, motor drives, electric machines, electrification, transportation, renewable energy systems, energy storage systems, microgrids, and power quality.

Here are a few additional interesting facts about the conference:

  • The first Job Fair at ECCE occurred in 2022 and is becoming an annual event. There are more graduate student job seekers with expertise in electric energy conversion and their applications at IEEE ECCE than at any other conference in the world.
  • ECCE 2023 is the second largest attended power electronics/ energy conversion conference in the world. Attendance is nearly 2000 people, including researchers, engineers, scientists, and industry professionals from around the world.
  • IEEE ECCE normally refers to the North American version of the conference hosted annually in the fall. However, ECCE Asia (spring) and ECCE Europe (late summer) also exist.
  • The conference features an exhibit hall where companies and organizations showcase their latest products and services related to energy conversion and power electronics.
  • The conference has a strong emphasis on industry-academia collaboration and provides opportunities for attendees to network and establish partnerships.
  • ECCE conference papers have more downloads and annual citations than any other IEEE conference with the scope of electrical energy conversion.
  • ECCE features a variety of technical sessions, including oral presentations, poster sessions, tutorials, and panel discussions.
  • IEEE ECCE 2024 will be held from Oct. 20-24, 2024 in Phoenix, Arizona.

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