September 2–6, 2024
Darmstadt, Germany

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IEEE Power Electronics Society (IEEE PELS), is thrilled to share a pivotal juncture in our journey to advance the field of power electronics in Europe. Commencing in 2024, IEEE PELS is embarking on a dynamic new collaboration with the European Center for Power Electronics (ECPE) for our flagship conference, now titled IEEE ECCE Europe. As we navigate this transition, we express our heartfelt gratitude for our previous partnership with EPE for ECCE Europe, which ended after EPE ECCE Europe in Aalborg this September 2023.  IEEE PELS now looks forward with excitement to forging a fresh and impactful partnership with ECPE and its expansive European industrial membership.   United, IEEE PELS and ECPE are on the brink of unprecedented opportunities in Europe: nurturing innovation, facilitating the exchange of knowledge, and catalyzing transformative breakthroughs in the realm of global power electronics.

To find out more information about IEEE ECCE Europe 2024, including upcoming call for papers, go to the website .

About ECPE European Center for Power Electronics, the industry-driven research network for power electronics in Europe with more than 220 member organizations, is promoting research and innovation, education and training as well as public relations in power electronics. The ECPE Network office is located in Nuremberg, Germany. (website: ECPE Home).

About IEEE PELS, The IEEE Power Electronics Society (PELS) is a global professional organization with a membership of approximately 12,000 individuals worldwide, within the IEEE society (>400,000 members). IEEE PELS is dedicated to advancing the field of power electronics through collaborative initiatives, innovative research, and knowledge exchange in power electronics. (web site: IEEE PELS Home)

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