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SS1 Cybersecurity for Power Electronics

Organizer: Alan Mantooth, Frede Blaabjerg, Sudip Mazumder

SS2 Energy Storage for Grid of the Future: Emerging Technologies, Applications and Trends

Organizer: Tu Nguyen

SS3 “ENSURE” Meets the World: the German Strategic Initiative ENSURE Presents Its Energy Cosmos

Organizer: Marco Liserre, Maximilian Dauer

SS4 Power Electronic Technologies for Distributed Energy Resources

Organizer: Liuchen Chang, Sonny Xue, Hanh-Phuc Le, Sudip Mazumder, Minjie Chen, Yongheng Yang, Gab-Su Seo, Jin Wang, Prasad Enjeti, Juan Balda, Xiongfei Wang, Ke Ma, Jose Fernando Jimenez Vargas

SS5 Wide-Bandgap Bidirectional Switches and the Applications They Enable

Organizer: Tomas Jahns, Victor Veliadis

SS6 Energy Storage Systems: Applications, Control and Interfaces

Organizer: Juan Balda

SS7 Advanced Power Electronics Integration for Renewables

Organizer: John Seuss, Suman Debnath

SS8 Thermal Design and Control for High Reliability Power Electronics, Electrical Drives, and Batteries

Organizer: Marco Liserre, Rik W. De Doncker

SS9 Advances in SiC/GaN Grid Applications to Support EV and Renewable Energy

Organizer: Victor Veliadis

SS10 Energy Access and Empower Billions of Lives: Technologies, Impact and Opportunities for PELS

Organizer: Deepak Divan, Jelena Popovic, Issa Batarseh, Sanjib Kumar Panda

SS11 Power Electronics Dominated Grids: Dynamic Modeling and Simulation for Reliable and Resilient Operation of Future Grids

Organizer: Suman Debnath, Kemal Celik

SS12 Advanced Design and Manufacturing Techniques for Electric Machines – Simulation and Test

Organizer: David Lowther

SS13 Standard Development and Industry Engagement Update from IEEE Power Electronics Society

Organizer: Johan Enslin, Matt Wikowski, Xu She

SS14 Additive Manufacturing for Electric Machines

Organizer: Franco Leonardi, Leyi Zhu

SS15 Future of wide-bandgap devices SiC, GaN and Diamond and their emerging applications in power electronics

Organizer: Tanya Gachovska

SS16 Medium- and High-Voltage Gallium Nitride Power Devices

Organizer: Yuhao Zhang, Dong Dong

SS17 Power Electronics-Based Technologies for Grid Stabilization: Grid-Forming Inverters, Control of Inverter-Based Resources (IBRs), and Advanced Testing of IBRs

Organizer: Jing Wang, Andy Hoke

SS18 Additive Manufacturing for Electrical Machines and Power Converters Design

Organizer: Bulent Sarlioglu, Ayman El-Refaie, Will Sixel

SS19 Experimental Verification versus Simulation

Organizer: Pete Wung

SS20 PV Inverter Reliability: Industry Status, Technical Gap, and Future Needs

Organizer: Zheyu Zhang, Ramanathan Thiagarajan

SS21 P2964 IEEE Standard for Datasheet Parameters and Tests for Integrated Gate Drivers

Organizer: Tanya Gachovska

SS22 Grid Integration of Inverter-Based Distributed Energy Resources: Operation, Planning, and Guidelines

Organizer: Jianzhe Liu, Kun Zhu, Jens C. Boemer, Reza Ghaemi, Xuan Wu

SS23 EMI and Insulation Related Challenges and Solutions for WBG based Power Electronic Systems

Organizer: Bulent Sarlioglu, Jin Wang

SS24 Booming the Blue Economy: A New Era for Wave and Hydrokinetic Energy

Organizer: Yue Cao, Jing Sun, Ted Brekken

SS25 Power Electronics Enabled Power System with High Penetration of Renewables

Organizer: Rui Yang, Mahshid Amirabadi

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